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Remote and Virtual Apps.

Move your Line of Business applications to the Cloud.

Additional Expertise

Working with SMBs for many years has taught us this truth - one size doesn't fit all. Our clients all have different technology needs and goals, and it's our job to realize them. 

Remote and Virtual App solutions from Latitudes will allow your business to migrate all your application workloads to the cloud.


Our Remote and Virtual App Solutions provide a clear and cost effective path for businesses to migrate their industry specific and custom applications to the cloud.

As businesses everywhere identify the benefits of cloud computing and actively take steps towards this technology arcitecture, one of the major chaledgies they often face during migration is that their current line of business application products simply dont have a cloud option availiable for them to use.


We often find this to be the case with regard to industry specific software, such as custom ERP or CRM packages. Niche software companies often lack the resources and expertise to invest in transitioning there platforms to a cloud and SaaS framework. As a unfortunate consequence for their customers, they are often just content to continue to sell and licence there applications using a traditional on-premise server model.  This often requires physical servers, and infrastructure that makes fully moving to the cloud impossible.   


Q: How can Remote and Virtual Apps help?

By leveraging Remote and Virtual App technology, you can transfer all your application software to a cloud environment while keeping the end user experience almost identical to what you currently have.  Your application(s) software and data can be transferred to a custom designed cloud environment, then remotely delivered to end users securely and to any location. 




The Remote App will be almost indistinguishable from the on-premise version, meaning there will be no additional training or migration headache for your user community.  We have found this seamless transition to be invaluable for both end users and business leadership alike.


The solution will scale to meet your company's needs, whether that mean remote apps for key users or the entire business workforce.  Leverage the 'on demand' computing and pricing of the cloud with minimal hardware costs.


A centrally managed Remote and Virtual App architecture will reduce administrative overhead, standardize and speed up application deployments and reduce PC hardware costs. 

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Changing a critical Line of Business application to something that is cloud ready can be an expensive business - so don't change it.


Have the software you want, without the need for the server hardware you don't want.  Talk to us today to see how we can help your company move fully to the cloud. 

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What our clients think ...

" We have used Latitudes for a number of years. They have always been helpful and efficient dealing problems straight away –

highly recommended. "

Bill Sparks

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