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Project Delivery.

IT Project management and delivery - end to end

Additional Expertise

Additional Expertise

Working with SMBs for many years has taught us this truth - one size doesn't fit all. Our clients all have different technology needs and goals, and its our job to realize them. 

We have successfully delivered a width range of technology projects to hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses over the years, and understand this success is anchored in technical excellence, great communication and meticulous planning.

Project Team

Delivering the best IT solutions to our clients has been at the heart of everything we do from day one.

We have a proven track record of success in managing and delivering all types of IT projects,  and our team boasts a broad and deep understanding of all areas of IT for business.  We'll guide you through the implementation, so you know what's going on at every stage of your project. Once complete and the technology is deployed, our ongoing support and guidance can help you maximize this success to it's full potential.



  Project engineering

Good IT will help your business run smoothly and more efficiently, allowing you to focus on what you do best - Latitudes is here to make that happen.  Whatever the nature of your next IT project, put your business in the hands of the experts.  We are a leading provider of IT services in the Pacific Northwest, and have some of the best expertise and experience when it comes to assisting SMBs in the country.  Quite simply, we can help with virtually any IT project or challenge you may be facing.

Below are just some of the projects and engagements we can help with.

  • Server replacements and upgrades

  • Office re-locations

  • Cloud migrations

  • Line of business (LOB) installation

  • Hosting

  • Virtualization

  • Remote Access

  • Office 365

  • Infrastructure design & implementation

  • Mobile device management

  • Security planning

  • IT auditing

  • WAN services

  • Business Continuity

  • Backup and disaster recovery

  • Compliance

  • Desktop automation

  • Containerization

  Managing the Project

We break our management of projects into 5 key stages for all our engagements.


Together, these stages form the basis of our project management life cycle - a key component in our success with our clients and partners.  

Project Lifecycle Management

Project Delivery Stages


Initiation | The project goal, need or problem is identified.  A project manager is assigned to your project and will work with you understand the best process for your business.


Planning | Your project manager and project team will collaborate to plan all the steps needed to reach a successful project conclusion.   


Execution | Once the project plan has been created, the project team goes about executing the project plan to meet the deliverables of the project.  The project can easily shift back to the planning stage as needed.

Monitoring and controlling | As the project is being executed by the team, the project manager monitors and controls the process in regard to time, cost, scope, quality and risk.  The project manager will work closely with you during this stage so you are fully aware of the project progress.


Closing | At the end of the project, a full review will be taken to make sure all goals are met and all project phases are approved.  The project will then be handed over to you.


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Project Success

At Latitudes, our experienced Seattle based technical team works closely with strategic partners including Microsoft, VMware, Sophos, HP and Dell to make sure we're always on the leading edge of innovation and industry thinking. Our process starts at consultation, ensuring that the right questions are asked and the solution fits the requirements for now and the future.  We'll understand the framework of your budget and schedule, and work within these boundaries.

Trust Latitudes to deliver the right outcome, on time, on budget.

All projects, great and small.

Contact us today with your project needs

Whether you need long-term support or a period of expert help to see you through a time of change, we can help you plan your next IT project down to the last detail.


Contact us today with your project needs.

What our clients think ...

" We have used Latitudes for a number of years. They have always been helpful and efficient dealing problems straight away –

highly recommended. "

Bill Sparks

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