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Cloud design.

Public or private cloud design, implementation and migration solutions.

Technology Solutions

At the core of everything we do is a deep understanding of what makes good IT and how SMBs can get there.


We help companies maximize the benefits of cloud technology by putting together the right solution for their businesses. 

With the explosion of cloud technologies available in the marketplace over the past decade, finding the right products, vendors, partners and configuration can be a daunting task for any business.

At Latitudes, we aim to take the headache out of cloud computing.  We provide our clients all the technical elements and disciplines required for a successful cloud deployment.

We listen, we understand, we design.

We deliver.

We are impartial

We're not tied to one supplier.  We understand that every situation is different, so invariably there will be different products, vendor and configurations needed for virtually every deployment.  We decided long ago that the best way we can serve our clients is to get smart with all the top cloud products and providers, that way we can help you pick the very best technology for your business.  Whether it's Azure or AWS, Google Apps or Office 365, Dropbox or SharePoint,  Citrix or RDS, Hyper-V or VMware - we will help you choose the right fit for your business, not ours.

We deliver technical excellence

Not many outsourced IT companies can boast they have the depth of expertise to deliver enterprise class cloud solutions specifically designed for the small and mid-sized business market.  We can.  It take a very unique set of skills and a lot of experience to be able to correctly balance all the various factors involved in designing and implementing good cloud solutions for SMBs.  Not only do we excel at this, we're passionate about it.

We understand your goals

Cloud computing is an amazingly powerful technology that can really help to unlock the potential of a business.  It can help with scaling, cash-flow, risk, compliance and productivity - to name just a few benefits.  One of the things we focus on when designing a cloud infrastructure is making sure that the system meets the business goals and expectations first, including the commercial aspect.  Our outlook is simple - if a cloud system doesn't improve business operations in the desired ways, then it's a failed endeavor.


Our cloud expertise.


If your business is considering full cloud adoption, migration of particular business workloads to the cloud or anything in between, our experienced consultants and engineers can offer you a wide range of services and solutions that will help you fully leverage cloud computing and explore the benefits.

  • Cloud strategy

  • Project scoping and definition

  • Business analysis

  • RFP preparation

  • Program and project management

  • Cloud ROI and budget reporting

  • Workload migration

  • Public / Private / Hybrid Cloud deployment

  • LOB application migration

  • Cloud security and redundancy design

  • Compliance consultancy

  • Utilization reporting

  • Advanced Office 365 deployment

  • Private cloud infrastructure design and migration

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity implementation

  • Identity management / single sign-on and multi-factor authentication

We've helped hundreds of businesses to benefit from cloud computing.  It's what we do best.

Whatever you're looking to achieve from your cloud deployment, we have the depth of technical and design expertise to deliver the right solution. Contact us today and let's get to work.

The best technology partnerships produce the best outcomes

By working with the best technology providers, we understand what the latest and best technologies can do for a business.  It's a two way street. We talk with our partners and tell them what our clients need - and having this dialogue brings out our best.

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