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Cyber Security.

A full suite of tools and techniques to protect your business. 

Additional Expertise

Additional Expertise

Working with SMBs for many years has taught us this truth - one size doesn't fit all.  Our clients all have different technology needs and goals, and its our job to realize them. 

Why IT Security is so important in a modern business.

As threats to your IT systems take on new forms and methods, staying ahead of the game is the best way to safeguard your business.


By taking security seriously, you don’t just minimize risk to your own business: you also do your duty to clients, keeping their data as secure as your own. Whatever your requirements, Latitudes can help you to identify weaknesses and shore up your defense.


Creating a secure and safe IT system

​Ensuring your IT systems are secure from potential threats can be a complex and often daunting task, requiring specialist skills, time and resources that you might not already have within your IT team.


Whichever solution you aim for, it will always need customizing for your precise business needs, which can complicate the implementation process.


Protected PC

Common problems we hear from businesses regarding security include:

  • Lack of internal resources to manage IT security and threat aversion

  • Incomplete in-house knowledge to manage attacks, advanced malware or hacking

  • Processes and regulations not in place to manage employee risk to data, data theft or system-based data loss

  • Inability to find qualified people to manage IT security, despite being aware of its great importance

  • An evolving landscape of changing threats makes controlling IT security more difficult to manage in-house


  " Latitudes engineers and consultants have a vast amount of expertise and experience in securing IT systems and platforms.  We understand that IT security is vital to all businesses, and can often mean the difference between your success and failure as a company. Our approach is simple.  We identify your risks, we qualify these risks then draw up a plan. After we fix the problem, we provide the right level of monitoring, management and support to ensure your security is maintained. "

Kyle Crommett - Technology Director

Q: How do we help your security?

So what are the benefits of an IT Security solution from Latitudes? Our services can help businesses to achieve the following:

  • Supplement internal capabilities with a dedicated IT team that are ready to step in when needed

  • Avoid the costly and difficult technology selection process by leveraging our product knowledge

  • Stay ahead of the curve with IT security.  We manage all software upgrades, threat detection databases and other evolving issues on your behalf

  • Work with a partner that will be constantly re-evaluating the treat landscape, and taking steps for you to mitigate the current risks 

  • Allow your workforce to benefit from safe, secure and risk-free remote working whatever their device or location

  • Predictable security budget planning 


Our areas of security expertise.

Network Firewall

Perimeter & Web Security

Protecting your systems starts at the gateway to the Internet.  Firewalls have long been essential to your networks well being and still need to be configured and deployed correctly to ensure unwanted intruders don't get to your data.  However, it's our opinion that even the best of breed firewalls don't cover all the basis when protecting against Internet based attack vectors and a more comprehensive approach to perimeter security is needed for the modern network.  We work with industry leading security products to provide full Internet protection with Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices.  These next gen firewalls are fast becoming the standard for any sized business. 

Email Protection

Email protection

Ensuring your email servers are always accessible, and making sure they are safe from damaging threats is paramount to the everyday working of such a crucial business tool. We offer hosted or on-site email services, high quality filtering and complete archive backup services. If you do experience any failures with your email platforms or servers, we also provide an emergency webmail service to ensure your business doesn’t suffer.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

Our endpoint protection isn't just about Anti-virus software, and frankly the days when that was adequate are long gone.  We employ a multi-layered approach to endpoint protection, and leverage some of the best technologies available today.  As well as industry leading anti-virus, we also use Malware protection, anti-ransomware software, behavioral monitoring, sandboxing and personal web filtering.  This approach will give your business the best possible chance to protect all your desktop and laptop assets, stop malware from spreading within your organization and bring a little peace of mind during these worrying times.

Wireless Security

Wireless Security

  Good wireless security isn't just about having the right devices and wireless encryption, although that's certainly part of the puzzle.  It starts with the network design and understanding the risks.  Most businesses today actively encourage their staff to bring there own devices (BYOD) and know it to help productivity and staff well-being.  We will help you design your network in a way that will dramatically reduce your risk profile for BYOD and wireless in general, while maintaining functionality and user experience.   We use common practices from the enterprise world and scale it to SMBs at a price point that works.  

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Your company data can be leaking out of your organization via the huge range of mobile devices that people use today. Do you know which mobile devices hold your company email, or whose iPads could be storing gigabytes of confidential company data? Do you know what to do when someone says, “Help! I’ve lost my iPad”? At the same time we want to use the latest mobile devices that enable us to work wherever we are, whenever we need. They are a vital part of the dynamism and speed of today’s business. Our challenge is to balance the need for mobile working against the need for security.

Data Encryption

Data Encryption

No data security strategy would be fully complete without data encryption.  In the event that your data is lost or leaked, this technology can provide the fail safe that means the compromised data or device isn't any use to anyone.  Traditionally however, companies have shied away from disk or file encryption as a technology, because it has always been difficult and expensive to implement - as well as slowing down performance.  One of the best kept secrets in IT today is that this is no longer the case.  Latitudes can help you fully deploy data encryption throughout your organization, manage it correctly and mitigate the risk of data loss.


The best technology partnerships produce the best outcomes

By working with the best technology providers, we understand what the latest and best technologies can do for a business.  It's a two-way street. We talk with our partners and tell them what our clients need - and having this dialogue brings out our best.

Lets get you secure

Let's get you secure.

The Latitudes team has helped hundreds of businesses just like you to reduce the risk of Cyber attack.  

We work with the best software vendors, the most up to date technologies and the best industry practices to bring you a world class threat protection suite.  Talk to us today. 

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