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Enterprise FileSync.

Synchronize your corporate data between PCs, mobile devices, servers and cloud. 

Technology Solutions

At the core of everything we do is a deep understanding of what makes good IT and how SMBs can get there.


Anywhere access | Secure sharing | Fluid collaboration

Latitudes FileSync allows mobile workers to securely access and share files wherever they go, on any device.  Access can happen from laptops, tablets and phones, as employee content and corporate data is synced on the fly. Team Shares streamline file changes, ensuring that teams have real-time access to the most recent file versions.

User benefits.


End users will be able to synchronize both personal and company shared data to any device.  The software is simple for end users to install and manage, and is also very intuitive to use.  As well as being able to collaborate on company files with their co-workers, your staff will also be able to share documents securely with users outside the organization, should you choose to permit this.

Company benefits.


Every part of the system can be centrally managed by your technical administration team, meaning that you can fine-tune the functionality and security of the system to exactly how you need it.  You can allow or deny access to functionality and permissions without having to interact with the endpoints or the users actual devices.

Features  | Highlights

Sync across devices

Sync data across servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, cell phones, and on the web, so that users can stay productive from any location or device

Set org and user policies

View your whole organization and users from a unified dashboard where granular policies can be set and common tasks can be centrally managed

Secure and easy sharing

Work with employees and others using share links, expiration dates, download limits, download notifications, and password-protected shares

Backup and restore

Set continuous, real-time backup of synced files and folders, local folder backups, custom or unlimited retention, and restore files and folders

Eliminate VPN and FTP

Access, edit, share, and sync files on a legacy file server from a Team Share within the software, eliminating the dependence on VPN and FTP

Public or private cloud

Configured as a public cloud or private cloud service to meet your needs, adhere to specific industry mandates, and scale in preferred infrastructure

Let Latitudes show you how Enterprise FileSync can transform the way your business works.

Schedule a product demo today.  We'd love to show you how the product works and demonstrate the many benefits it can offer your business.

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The best technology partnerships produce the best outcomes

By working with the best technology providers, we understand what the latest and best technologies can do for a business.  It's a two way street. We talk with our partners and tell them what our clients need - and having this dialogue brings out our best.

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