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Business Continuity.

Technology to keep your IT running - no matter what.

Additional Expertise

Additional Expertise

Working with SMBs for many years has taught us this truth - one size doesn't fit all. Our clients all have different technology needs and goals, and it's our job to realize them. 

Ensuring data and technology services are always available is critical to most businesses.  We provide solutions that will have your infrastructure back up and running in minutes, not days.

Business continuity is a challenge facing many small and mid-sized companies today. The failure of an entire server infrastructure or even a single server could be simply catastrophic - at best costing the business money and reputation.  At worst, putting you out of business altogether. 

What's important is to know that you will be back up and running in minutes, not days when the unforeseen happens. Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery technology is a fully automated service that delivers rapid recovery times, even in the event that all your infrastructure is lost.

Ok, how does it work?

Firstly, our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery service is based on server imaging, not file level backup.  This means that we protect all the data on a server, including applications, services, the operating system - everything.  These 'snapshots' can be a frequent as every 15 minutes, meaning that in the event of a failure, the very latest data is available for restoration.   These snapshots are then transferred to and stored on a network storage appliance located with your servers.  In addition to this local snapshot storage, the data is also encrypted and securely transferred to geographically redundant dedicated data centers.

This entire process is fully automated, and you will be able to view in-depth reports as to what data is protected, what backup storage you are consuming, how successful the backup was and if any errors occurred. 

On-site backup storage

Network Appliance

Your office network


External Internet

Off-site backup storage

Network Appliance

Secure data center


What happens in a disaster?

One of the really neat things about our solution is that you have lots of options for the way that you can recover from a disaster.  By holding replicators of your server infrastructure both on-site and in our cloud,  we can both minimize the recovery time, as well as recover one or all your servers either at your office, at your data center or in our cloud.

Recover a single server

If you suffer a hardware failure of one of your servers, or maybe one of your virtual guest servers completely fails to start after an update, we can simply 'power up' the affected server's last backup as a virtual guest on the local backup appliance.  The server will be a complete clone of the original, complete with all applications, data and services.  There is no processing time to convert the backup image to a virtual guest on the appliance, so the whole process literally takes minutes.  Because the recovery appliance is already attached to your production network, users will be up and running on the recovery server in the time it will take to boot up.


Recover all your servers

As with the case of a single server, powering up multiple servers in the event of a large scale disaster is simple. The recovery appliance will be scaled to meet the computing power required to run all your servers simultaneously.  As long as you have local network infrastructure intact, your users will be able to continue working while the server problem is fixed in the background.  When ready, the disaster recovery server can be transferred back to the production servers, meaning you have maintained data continuity throughout the incident.

Recover everything

The nightmare scenario is that all your IT infrastructure is lost.  This could mean fire, flood, theft, anything.  If this happens, it's quite likely that you will also lose the on-site backup appliance as well as all your infrastructure.  Under these circumstances, we can power up all your servers in a secure cloud environment in a matter of minutes.  This will mean that as long as your staff have an Internet connection and a computer, they will be able to access your entire business network using either VPN or Remote Desktop.  When you're ready, all your data will be physically couriered to your business location, and then transferred back to your network.   

Explore the differences between Backup and Business Continuity

Complete peace of mind.


Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery gives you:

  • One system for both backup and disaster recovery

  • Granular file and application restore

  • Rapid server recovery times

  • Annual server recovery demonstration

  • Transparent reporting

People Enjoying Peace of Mind


of SMBs in the US that experience significant data loss go out of business within 6 months.

10 days

Companies that aren't able to restore normal IT operations within 10 days are not likely to survive.


is the average cost per day to a Small to Mid-sized business during a major system outage.

The best technology partnerships produce the best outcomes

By working with the best technology providers, we understand what the latest and best technologies can do for a business.  It's a two-way street. We talk with our partners and tell them what our clients need - and having this dialogue brings out our best.

Discover how our business continuity products can bring enterprise class business continuity to small and mid-sized companies.

At Latitudes, we don't want to see your business get caught un-prepared for the unexpected.


With our award winning business continuity solutions, we can ensure that we provide your business with the tools and techniques to survive and recover from any situation. 

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