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CIO Services.

Bring business value to your technology investments.

Consultancy and Collaboration

Consultancy & Collaboration

Build the strategy and direction that's going to have a positive impact for your business and your customers.


Latitudes Virtual CIO services offer SMBs the opportunity to have a trusted technologist, adviser and thinker within their leadership teams.


This cost-effective and flexible approach will allow your company to maximize positive technology outcomes, measure successes and build a better corporate future.

Providing a good technology solution is not the same as adding business value - the technology solution is only one piece of the puzzle.  To stay competitive, today's businesses need to fully leverage the IT resources available to them.


Data driven decision-making, strategic planning, risk analysis and clear policy can often be the key to finding the optimal technology path for your business, reducing your costs and, ultimately, adding to your bottom line.

​IT plays a critical role in any modern business and for many years now, enterprise-sized companies have included a technologist in their C-Suite; the CIO role can be found in almost all Fortune 500 companies.    Key among a CIO’s duties are ensuring the adoption of appropriate IT strategies, solution selection, project delivery and budget management.

Unfortunately, this executive-level position is seldom commercially viable in small to medium-sized businesses and consequently the role and function are often either missing or fulfilled by someone as a secondary responsibility.


This can have serious implications and often leads to misalignment between the operational effectiveness of the technology, and the strategic direction of the company.

Virtual CIO services
CIO services
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Bring business value to your technology investments

​In our experience, this vacuum between the IT department and executive leadership is often one of the primary reasons SMBs experience underwhelming IT outcomes and an inability to effectively leverage available technologies.

We recognized this shortcoming within the SMB space many years ago, and made it our mission to develop a service that is tailored to bridge this gap: our comprehensive Virtual CIO service.


We’re proud of what we bring to the table.

​Through the program, our partners receive a flexible and custom tailored service that will meet their ongoing strategic needs, manage their IT deliverables and realize their technology goals.  A professional, experienced and knowledgeable member of our team will work alongside your business leadership to fulfill the CIO role at a cost that maximizes RIO.

Here's some questions to consider for your business.

Does your company need our vCIO service ?



Are you managing 3rd party software and hardware vendors effectively?


Unfortunately, service delivery and value from 3rd party suppliers often diminishes over time. Without constant and continuous review, you may find your business in a position where it is paying too much for an inadequate or redundant service.


Do you have an accurate and comprehensive IT budget for the next 36 months?

Understanding and controlling IT expenditure can have a massive impact on the financial health of your business.  With this level of projection in place, your business will be able to make sound decisions to build its future. 


Are you leveraging the full operational potential of your core 'Line of Business' applications?

IT professionals can generally do a great job at keeping your applications such as your ERP or CRM up and functioning, but often fall short when it comes to working with the business to maximize the potential of these applications.  Bridging the operational gap between stake holders and application vendors can often mean better outcomes and a healthier bottom line.


Is there a structured process to identify, qualify and select new technologies?

The wrong decision when selecting technologies can be commercially costly. To eliminate mistakes, a knowledgeable and experienced technologist should be following a structured and transparent process within your business.


Do you have an IT policy for your staff, 3rd parties and internal processes?

IT policies can be far reaching, and frame the operational success of your technology systems.  In large part, businesses are able to control their outcomes in area's such as cyber security, industry compliance and business continuity by creating and adhering to appropriate IT policies.  Risk management starts with policy.

The best technology partnerships produce the best outcomes.

By working with the best technology providers, we understand what the latest and best technologies can do for a business.  It's a two way street. We talk with our partners and tell them what our clients need - and having this dialogue brings out our best.

What our clients think ...

" We have used Latitudes for a number of years. They have always been helpful and efficient dealing problems straight away –

highly recommended. "

Bill Sparks

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