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Systems Analysis.

A detailed assessment of your current IT environment.

IT services

Consultancy & Collaboration

Our clients are our team, and collaboration is vital when we're building the future together.


Taking back control of your IT destiny starts with analyzing your current environment, identifying potential pain points and evaluating risk.

Understanding the Gap is often step one.

Today's businesses need agile technology environments that are flexible enough to meet their changing needs while continuing to meet their service level objectives with both your staff and your clients.

One of the most important steps, and certainly one of the first in realizing this goal is to have a clear picture of the existing IT environment, and how this relates to the desired objectives of the company and it's leadership.  We feel that by understanding your technology environment at a high level, and working with you to produce a comprehensive management report or 'Gap' analysis, we will be able to begin the dialogue needed to start the planning process.   

Our aim and deliverable with the Gap analysis report is to present the business leadership with a strategic document that details your current technology, outlines and quantifies any risk present and offers recommendations focused on not only reducing this risk, but on improving your overall technology experience.

We've helped hundreds of businesses improve their IT with this methodology and with this experience and client feedback, have developed a genuine understanding of how to frame this document in a way that maximizes its audiences understanding.  Unlike most of our peers, this document is not thick with jargon and meaningless data.  It is an executive report.

Gap Analysis deliverables

Report the overall health and suitability of the server, PC and networking estate 

Assess and comment on the current technical design and implimentation quality

Review software licensing and equipment warranty compliance

Highlight potential security vulnerabilities with both equipment and business practices

Provide short and long term recommendations that will improve the overall technology enviroment

Offer comment on the current IT expenditure with 3rd parties and vendors

What our clients think ...

" We have used Latitudes for a number of years. They have always been helpful and efficient dealing problems straight away –

highly recommended. "

Bill Sparks

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