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Engineering Expertise for Renton Businesses.

The depth of knowledge and experience to deliver the right technology solution.

At the core of everything we do is a deep understanding of what makes good IT and how SMBs can get there. 

Our Renton engineering team bring a depth of knowledge and experience that will help your business implement, maintain or troubleshoot your technology effectively, driving down your costs and maximizing productivity.


Whether you're an IT department looking to outsource a project deployment or support function, or a business looking to us to be your engineering department all up, we're happy to work with you to find the right fit to meet your goals.


How you can use our skills.

To provide expertise on demand - exactly when you need it

For systems integrations and troubleshooting issues

To enhance or expand capabilities within your IT department

For implementation and migration project delivery

" Our mission is to engineer the right way, every time.  We build systems that are reliable, scalable and to best practices architecture.  Always. "

Kyle Crommett - Technology Director

Whether you are setting up a new IT infrastructure, replacing an aging network or expanding network capacity, you can rely on Latitudes to provide the design and delivery skills required to take you from initial briefing through to final handover. 

We have the skills and experience of installing numerous complex IT configurations, for many different sectors worldwide. It’s not always necessary to replace existing infrastructure, sometimes what you might need is just a bit of updating. It’s important to us that we get it right – we’re not here to persuade you to instruct a huge overhaul, if you don’t need one. 

At Latitudes we strike a balance over which solutions will work best and whether your choice is cost effective. It is in our interest to make sure that we work with you, to find a successful solution to your IT needs.

Infrastructure solutions

Engineering Expertise

Transitions and refreshes

Successful businesses strive to keep up with modern technology, aiding their profitability and market presence. Latitudes delivers its clients a range of transition or refresh projects, ensuring that their systems are compatible with their business strategy and can accommodate forecasted company growth.

Engineering Expertise

Cyber security

Network security is an area in which Latitudes has an impressive track record of protecting clients. Businesses need to take every precaution to protect themselves against external and internal threats. 

With depth of experience, Latitudes is a partner that you can trust, having defined and implemented IT security policies for numerous businesses. Systems are becoming increasingly inter-connected and as a consequence, the threat of risk to your business increases. Paradoxically, as we enable better access for employees by working remotely for example, we also create the need for more advanced security solutions and policies. 

Our knowledge and experience of resolving and avoiding security breaches, is second to none. We pride ourselves on keeping ahead of the game when it comes to making sure that we are aware of the latest issues, and how to protect our clients from new threats that are constantly evolving as technology progresses.

Engineering Expertise




Virtualization offers the impressive capability of being able to do the job of multiple servers, with just one server. The single server operates as a shared resource across multiple environments, as opposed to traditional physical units which require multiple platforms. 

By using a virtualized platform, companies enjoy improved resource utilization as well other energy saving benefits, such as reducing the costs of housing and power. Virtualization is fully scalable, which mitigates your future expenditure. 

Here at Latitudes, we have years of experience under our belt and are passionate about enabling our customers to focus on their strengths, in the safe knowledge that they have a solid and robust IT system to rely on.

Data storage solutions

We tend to fill the space that we’re given. The trouble is, the more space you have, the more ‘stuff’ you hang on to and data storage is no different. In the digital domain we are all becoming hoarders; nowadays it’s far easier to keep than discard.

"Many of our staff use tablets and smartphones. I had no idea that by default they create a backup to a user’s home directory, effectively placing their music, games and photos onto our servers. Each device was covertly adding significantly to our infrastructure costs." 

Latitudes customer  - Manufacturing

Many companies do not consider how important the visibility of data storage is, and what options are available to reduce costs. The Latitudes storage analysis service can dramatically reduce storage costs and improve control over future expenditure. The process is immediate and enables clients to have full visibility of their data storage needs. For those who are thinking of migrating to the Cloud or have already switched, Latitudes can also look at ways to prevent storage costs from escalating in the future.

High availability architecture

One of the most interesting aspects of on-premise server infrastructure to change in the past few years for the SMB space, is evolution of high availability solutions.  Technologies that may have been financially out of reach are now well within the means of most SMBs.  Hardware layer fault tolerance and virtualization high availability are fast becoming the norm for any business, regardless of size.


Our engineers have helped hundreds clients of all sizes adopt the benefits of this type of improved server configuration, and bring a wealth of practical knowledge to the table, not only in the implementation but also in technology selection.  Whether you're considering shared-storage clustering, Hyper-convergence, SAN, NAS, fiber channel, iSCSI or a bit of everything, we can help.


We pride ourselves on being able to help you navigate the right infrastructure path for your business that will meet your needs for now and for the future.

Engineering Expertise
Engineering Expertise
Engineering Expertise

Let's get to work

If you want to know our thoughts on a technology you're considering, need assistance with a deployment or simply need something fixed fast, we'd love to help.

Looking for something a little different?

We can supplement your existing IT department by providing extra resources and skills.

busy IT department

Unlike most IT companies that provide outsourced solutions, we don't require or insist that we become your 'whole IT department'.

Yes, we can provide that service for you if you need it, but we also know that a lot of businesses have existing staff or 3rd parties that bring a lot of value to you.  We want what's best for your situation, so if you're a business owner or IT professional that just wants help during vacation time, or during a big project, great!  Let's talk. 

Have some unusual technologies that your provider isn't comfortable with?

You might be really happy with your technology provider, but they may not be comfortable with all aspects of your technology.


As a company, we know the MSP market intimately and also know that Managed Service Providers can't always deliver on the promise to be your 'whole IT department'.  We'd be happy to pick up the slack on the technologies they can't or won't support, and will work along side and with them to make sure you get the best service possible.

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We provide additional engineering resources and specialized expertise that can enhance your MSP.  

We bring our unique skills and expertise directly to other industry providers and MSPs at competitive rates.

Although we're not a traditional Managed Service Provider business, we know all too well the challenges and headaches of running a successful MSP.  We've done it.  What we can offer is a unique value proposition that will allow your MSP to increase it's technical depth, both with your clients and your own tools. Whether you're looking to leverage your RMM or PSA in better ways or simply need engineering skills you don't currently have, we can offer a white-labeled and non-competing service that you totally control.  We know how important your customers are to you and your need to protect them. Our contracts and NDA reflect this concern.

Engineering and consultancy services direct to MSPs and IT support businesses.

The best technology partnerships produce the best outcomes.

By working with the best technology providers, we understand what the latest and best technologies can do for a business.  It's a two-way street. We talk with our partners and tell them what our clients need - and having this dialogue brings out our best.

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